Casino will help Indonesia’s development.

As President Susilo Bambang Benaula of Indonesia makes a journey to the World AIDS Conference in Thailand, he is making a wise decision by deciding to include a casino into his nation’s development plan. The addition of a casino to Indonesia’s tourism and gambling resources will certainly help boost the nation’s development. After all, who better to stand up for the interests of the people than the people themselves that own and operate casinos? A strong, successful and stable government plays a very large role in ensuring that local businesses flourish and that the infrastructure needed to support their growth is in place.


As long as a country works on its development plan, it will be able to attract foreign investors to invest. There is no denying that Indonesia needs an infusion of capital in order to stay competitive in the global economy. By including gambling and the service industry in its development plans Indonesia can not only create more jobs and boost tourism revenues it can also work to reduce the corruption in the country’s political system.


Indonesia has many historical and social sites but they are becoming over saturated with tourists. What is left for the country? One of the best alternatives is to open up more of its public lands for tourism and development. By doing this the government can not only make more money off of these tax rich lands it can also ensure that these lands are used for education, health care, and for other important projects that benefit the Indonesian people. That is a lot to gain from just one investment.


Another good thing about turning a public park or something similar into a gambling facility is that the tourist dollars that are generated from the location will help the government improve its infrastructure. The more tourists that visit the area the more improvements will occur throughout the region. This means more jobs, more infrastructure and more opportunity for everyone. It also means that the people of Indonesia will have a bigger say in how their country is developed and run.


Casino Cubee 슬롯 gambling in Indonesia may seem like a huge step back in time but the timing couldn’t be more opportune. Indonesia is currently suffering from a drought and the lack of tourism has been hurting its economy. If the country can get some gaming going again it could greatly benefit from the influx of tourist dollars. Besides that it is a huge leap forward in establishing a more stable economic model for the country.


On a final note it would be good if the Indonesian government would shut down all of their dirt cheap casinos and start promoting real, legitimate gambling establishments. The tax revenue that will be generated will go a long way towards solving their economic problems. As long as the government doesn’t interfere with private commercial activity there is nothing wrong with casinos being opened up. The main thing is they need to be well regulated so they don’t end up causing more harm than good. That seems to be the biggest obstacle right now in Indonesia’s growth and development.

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