1993 Crew Consist Agreement

(c) The assignment may work with more than one crew during a mission. 3. (a) The special allowances listed below shall apply only to crews referred to in Article I, Section 1, operated by one (1) driver/foreman and one (1) braker/assistant or one (1) driver/foreman. Employees recruited after the date of entry into force of this Agreement shall not be entitled to the special allowance. Q-43: If a train crew consists of a single conductor, what is the maximum number of hours the crew can devote to additional rest periods? 7? Crews whose crew is larger than that provided for in this Agreement shall be deemed capable of operating if the Carrier deems it necessary. (7) Percentages other than those mentioned above may not be paid to or on behalf of an employee of a reserve board, except for the payment of premiums under the applicable health and social insurance plans. No payroll deductions may be made on behalf of an employee of the Reserve Council, with the exception of deductions from income, employment, or payroll taxes (including railroad pension taxes) under federal, state, or local law, deduction of dues under an applicable union store agreement, and other deductions approved by agreement; and any other deduction required by law. Employees assigned to the Reserve Board are eligible for the airline`s Tuition Assistance Program. (2) This Agreement shall enter into force on 1.

It will remain in force in February 1992 until it is amended or amended by agreement of the parties or in accordance with the Railway Labour Act, as amended. (f) Employees of the Ready Reserve Board reserve the right to dismiss, take personal leave and take scheduled leave in accordance with applicable contractual rules. For employees dismissed for absence other than a paid absence, the salary of the reserve commission is reduced day by day. 2. To be eligible to serve on one of the three councils, an employee must have a seniority date in the Union-Pacific District is in road or judicial train traffic before the date of this Agreement. Employees who are on engine duty, on leave, injured or ill, on leave, downgraded for disciplinary reasons or absent from official trade union function and who return to service after the implementation of this Agreement shall have the right to fill one of the three reserve committees in accordance with Article III. Section 15. Employees who perform an official function of the Company and who return to the Service after the implementation of this Agreement are subject to Article III, Sections 16 and 17.4. Employees have no obligation to provide services with less than the required on-board personnel specified in this Agreement, and they will not be censored or sanctioned in any way or will have to waste time because they refuse to do so. 7. It is understood that crews with a larger crew than provided for in this Agreement may be operated if the airline deems it necessary.

1. (a) for each mission or voyage referred to in Section I, Sections 1 and 3: conducted in the Eastern District with a crew consisting of one (1) conductor/foreman and one (1) brakeman/aide or (1) driver/foreman, only on the number of employees of the Level II Reserve Board in the area where the trip takes place; The company will put the sun to the tune of $52.00 in the corresponding worker productivity fund. For example, if there were 10 local and additional orders, shipyard jobs and pool tables, and 10 employees were counted on the Level II Reserve Board, no payments would be made. If there are a total of 10 additional local jobs, construction and pool towers and 5 employees are counted on the Level II Reserve Board, payments to the Employer Productivity Fund for 5 local and additional orders, courses and roundtables during a basic service/travel tour in consultation with the core team from pickup or installation as described above mean only pick up a car or coupled car and first, that walk together in the same place; means that a car or car crammed into the train and set in motion is currently on display. This notice applies only to the operation of demons/foremen and does not restrict crews equipped with brakes/aids. Nearly 6,000 Smart members – approximately 15% of all SMART freight train employees and approximately 60% of BNSF ground services employees – are affected by bnSF`s preliminary territorial agreement. Q-43: If a flight attendant consists of a single driver, what is the maximum number of hours the crew can do for extra rest? It stipulates that when a train driver is no longer in the driver`s cab of a PTC-equipped freight train, the engineer`s director must be monitored and the train must be operated remotely – which could one day include aerial drones equipped with cameras, as stated in a letter of the preliminary agreement. The commission again contradicts the carrier. Although they are right, the question and answer do not apply, they do not take into account the general protection provided for in the first paragraph of section 4. To carry out the move in question, a team of more than one conductor only is required.

Therefore, the applicant cannot be censored or sanctioned or waste time because he refuses to make the move. NOTE 3: These provisions are not intended to replace farm locomotives, locals, area locals or work trains, nor are they intended to ensure that only conductor assignments perform general switching operations. No employees under the supervision of the carrier, official (including shipyard masters) or non-craftsmen are used to replace or replace the exclusive work of a train or shipyard personnel working under UTU agreements. The basic facts are undisputed. The applicant was ordered to operate a pure Grain NPSLCX-17 scale from North Platte to Marysville, Kansas. During his trip, the dispatcher asked him to retrieve car UP509357, which was behind four cars in Odessa, MP 198. The engine was to remove the five cars and bring the first four cars back to another track in Odessa. When the plaintiff was ordered to take this action, he told the train driver that he did not need to pick up the car, claiming it was a violation of his team`s agreement. The train dispatcher then contacted the applicant`s supervisor, The Director of Railway Operations L.W. Handlin, who then had to travel to Odessa to meet with the applicant. After approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes of delay, the plaintiff finally took car (I) and brought the four (4) cars back to track number 703 (ADM).

(a) The assignment may only support the tasks of the road crew within the final limits. Q-25: Is there a modified agreement between the crew to change the method from one work order to another? 1. (a) for each official or trip referred to in Article I, Sections 1 and 3 in the Eastern District with a crew shall consist of only one (1) conductor/foreman and one (1) brakeman/assistant or one (1) conductor/foreman solely based on the number of Level II Reserve Council personnel in the area where the trip is made; The company deposits the sun of $52.00 in the corresponding Employee Productivity Fund. For example, if there were 10 local and additional orders, construction and pool towers, and 10 employees were counted on the Level II Reserve Board, no payments would be made. If there were a total of 10 local and additional orders, construction work and pool towers, and 5 employees were counted on the Level II Reserve Board, payments would be made to the Employee Productivity Fund for 5 local and additional assignments, site work and pool towers on a service tower/travel basis in accordance with the Basic Composition Agreement of the crew 2. There will be no restrictions on car counting or train length in crew operation with one (1) driver/foreman and one (1) braker/helper. Pick up or drop off as described above means picking up directly a car or cars that are coupled to each other and get off first, that drive together at some point on the train; “fixed” means a straight line of one or more wagons coupled together in the train and arranged in a train. This notice applies only to the operation of drivers/foremen and does not restrict teams equipped with brakes/aids. 1. The base crew shall consist of all crews deployed in the Eastern District of Union Pacific, one (1) conductor/foreman and one (1) brakeman/assistant, except as provided herein. The intent of this language is not to expand the work a team can do on the go.

NOTE 1: Any type of removal, collection or determination shall be considered as separate work events for the purposes of this Agreement. Thus, a pick-up and a set-out at an intermediate point count as two work events. Attachment to wagons already on the train in order to carry out a pick-up or adjustment is permitted under this Agreement. Q-18: Article I, Section 3(b), refers to trains limited to a maximum of three work occurrences en route, and Article I, Section 6, states that the number of auxiliary crew work occurrences will not be reduced because the crew will be relieved of the burden of conducting work occurrences. .

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